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齋藤 晋 / サイトウ シン

1957年大阪市 生まれ。

京都市 在住。



Shin Saitou

Born in Osaka-city, Osaka, Japan.

Resident in Kyoto-city, Kyoto, Japan.

At the age of 14, I was inherited an old camera from my father, and was taught how to develop films by my uncle.

Then, I learned photography by myself.


Solo Exhibition

HOURGLASS                                            2017 Roonee247 fine arts                           Tokyo Japan

Floating Sight vol.2                                    2015 gallery maggot                                    Osaka Japan                        

Floating Sight                                  2013 Hippopotamus factory                         Osaka Japan

Trivial Scene vol.2                                     2010 gallery maggot                                    Osaka Japan

Trivial Scene                           2009 KAVC Gallery                                       Kobe  Japan

TAMAMONO-Icon As Memory-                 2005 NADAR SHIBUYA355                         Tokyo Japan


Group Exhibition

RAIEC TOKYO2016                             2016 3331 Arts Chiyoda                              Tokyo Japan

Limelight in Tokyo                                 2010 TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY     Tokyo Japan

TANTOTEMPO pure Photography vol.2    2009 Gallery TANTO TEMPO                      Kobe  Japan

TANTOTEMPO pure Photography vol.1    2008 Gallery TANTO TEMPO                      Kobe  Japan 

and many others.




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